Saturday, January 29, 2011

Mini Biography

I have been enamored and pulled away. You can call it Death by Cuteness. Surrounded by so much charm and disarm, that has been rendering me speechless , of the late!

This is a picture of another cutie who came before the latest one you see in my last blog ; my sister's five year old , the notorious 'age defying' spectacle who is fond of applying so much cream to her face, that the tell tale patches on her pillow bears witness to her famed exploit .

A wannabe movie star, who feels that the first thing to becoming one , is to change her name to a more stylish 'Priya' ( My Love) than the 'old fashioned' Mariam ( Mary) . This she confided in me, in full secrecy of 'stage whisper' as she tucked herself in my bedclothes. We have yet to see if her 'efforts' of regular exercising, practicing catwalk and dance steps, experimenting with makeup kits and 'hairstyling' bear fruits in the long run, regarding her much cherished ambition !

Now and then, she sits with me with a fairy tale picture book or a children encyclopedia and does picture reading . And so, it was at our one such regular sessions , as we were turning the pages of the Encyclopedia , we came across the usual stuff about human anatomy and physiognomy. As soon as we came across a picture showing a male body, she let out an exclamation :

" O my God! I had no idea! Look Auntie look! The boys have a 'human tail'!!"

Once she set out to ask her mom about how she came into being her parent's daughter. Since she was pestering her with a barrage of question, my sister replied jokingly , " We saw you lying on a garbage heap, and saw the garbage collector's truck approaching . So we ran as as fast as we could and picked you up. Since then you are our daughter."

She remained silent for a few hours,walking too and fro, ruminating on her own. Then she came up to my sister again and said :

" Mom, I think I know now. Hindu children are born out of their mother's tummy, while Muslims are born out of garbage!"  ( Holy Toledo! If only she knew what a significant statement she had just uttered! :-P)

Then she turned back to her mother once again and said : " Mom, would you please eat me up?"

Surprised my sister asked her why she wanted to be eaten .

"So that I will have a chance to be born again 'naturally'. "

Amused now, my sister played on : " But how will you survive without a TV and your PSP for as long as nine months, in there?"

" Ummm... I think there is a solution! You can eat them up too, along with me."!

Recently, she has taken another hobby, of dialing the cell phone to whoever she can possibly land a phone number of. She came to my sister asking her to give her the phone number of her grandfather (our late father).
" Your grandfather is in Heaven with God." my sister replied.

" Then please give me God's phone number". She demanded.

" But God doesn't have a phone number. He can hear everything without a phone, since he is everywhere, all around us."

" Is he here now? "


"And in the next room? And in the lawn outside? And in the market? And on the road? "


"What a naughty fellow that God is! He keeps roaming about like a vagabond everywhere!"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Noona , Baby Nadia is two months old!

Baby Nadia and Family :-)

Baby Nadia and Mommy!

Mommy 'n Noona again!

Hello! I am Nadia!

I shake hands Super Fast!

Nadia & Big Brother Ali