Sunday, August 23, 2009

First Kiss

The Clouds had floated away leaving the atmosphere a washed with a fine shower and the moon hung  once again lighting up the brick lined path. The rose bushes on left became faintly visible once more in monochrome shades of the night turning the leaves black as the flowers shone bright  white by the cool dark neon  light reflecting from the moon as it poised over head. The trees on the right cast black shadows of leaf like  patterns on to the ground.

They stood still for a while soaking in the moving spots of shadows playing truant around them, over them . As they lifted themselves up from the wet earth, the shadows of the leaves moving in the soft breeze leaped like impatient fingers trying to grasp their bodies. They stood there very still , neither touching the other, even as the shadows tried to urge them closer, now eagerly, now impatient, trying to merge them in their camouflage so as they appeared to be one.

Her face shone in the pale bright moonlight. Her eyes shone brighter against the rimmed outline of her thick dark lashes as they lifted up in a sweep to look at his face. His face glowed too, reflecting the luminosity of her visage  so close. She could see very  fine rain droplets glittering  like stars against the rim of his hairline and wanted them to shower on her, soak her, plump her rising bosom further as it rose and fell   Even from where she stood she could see his pupils dilate and darken yet she was not sure if it was from the darkness of night or desire it evoked between them.

"I am so happy" his whisper reached her along with the murmur of breeze caressing her ear lobes to shivers of excitement and suddenly she was afraid that he might notice her tremble. She almost winced like a child caught stealing as his face broke into a sudden smile and caught a ray of moonlight that reflected from his teeth and fell  like a flashlight  upon her face. In one singular motion she turned away to leave as he reached out to pull her back to him and as his mouth sought hers she felt hers limbs weaken while she melted and  turned to steam existing only as condensed dew where he touched her, drank her...