Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Flash 55ve. Religious Facts

They sat upon the lids
Covering practices
Their flowing beards
Falling like curtains
On black hearts.

She stood holding
Scissors in hand
Wanting to clip
And reveal it all
But she knew
They would come after her
For doing that.

Then she realized
All she needed
Was a LINK
To open the can of worms.


moondustwriter said...

Forget scissors -Clever gal that would be their disrobing.

Nice 55

Alice Audrey said...

A can of worms indeed. Well linked.

anthonynorth said...

Definitely a can of worms.

Mona said...

Moon, Alice. I was flabbergasted as I learned this recently. One of our neighbor here had a 'Mutah' with his servant girl . Upon inquiry, it was revealed that it was a temporary marriage for a defined period, which would 'dissolve' as nullified automatically after the expiry of the determined period.

The only liability of the man was to pay the so called dower money to the woman to have become his 'legal' wife for the said temporary period, so that the sex with her did not tantamount to fornication or adultery in accordance to the religious law!

Ha! Some hypocrisy!

It is prostitution by the very definition!!

Mona said...

and consider This

And to think that they stone men and women to death for adultery and fornication!

Brian Miller said...

what an interesting concept...and good job bringing it to light...smiles.

the walking man said...

This is a disgusting practice that as you say Mona is little more than legalized prostitution. Where I find the biggest hypocrisy though is not in the men and women who enter into this temporary marriage for money but in the supposed fatwa's and interpretations of the law by the many many Imams who have taken it on. All of them refuse to call it what it is including them who have spoken against the practice.

What a world, yes I think I prefer it under the pews in the shadows. That is where the holy people are found.

Jingle said...

lovely 55,


I grew up in countryside, during summer time, elementary students are given some credits by catching worms from cotton woods in the cotton field, I still recall the worm jars, the gripper or tool we used to remove the wiggling worms from behind the green leaves, and after the day, we have hundreds of worms drowned in each jar, we pour out the dead ones on the floor and count, the more a pupil catches, the more credits one wins...

It was yucky and fearful to me at that time, but the experiences along with memories remain.

Happy Weekend.

TALON said...

I've heard of fixed-term mortgages, but never marriages - seems there are always people working the system in some way or another. Fascinating 55. I learned something new today.

Monkey Man said...

Boy, you said it - prostitution. But within the boundaries of religious law. Crazy.

Akelamalu said...

:0 It's hard to believe this happens in this day and age isn't it?

RNSANE said...

I find this very interesting. It seems quite sad for children born of this kind of "arrangement" - what happens when the parents leave each other and go to another country, etc? Are there visitation rights, etc? I had not heard of this before. I had certainly heard of arranged marriages and actually have a couple of Indian friends who were marrid this way and are quite happy ( both were crew member on cruise ships and said they were never home long enough to meet Indian women and they did not want to marry outside their country ) so they were happy for their parents to choose a spouse for them. Is this a common thing in India and other Middle Eastern and Asian countries? I didn't have time today to read the whole link but I will come back to it.

Your country, next to my own, is the one that I love most!

My 55 is at:

ivan said...


What century is this?

I thought India was a secular, modern society. The poor women.

Margaret said...

Some things have changed A LOT and others seem to always remain the same... Quite convenient for the "religious" man, I'd say!

Steve E said...

Hey IS renewable. Right?

Never heard of this before, and the link was enlightening. Since I just am beginning an introduction to Buddha, the differences in those 'religions' interests me even more.

Those place and customs used to seem so far away. Now, everything is right here at our fingertips.

Thanks, and thanks for visiting the 'Dimension...


kkrige said...

Wow, the misyar marriage seems pretty convenient and definitely akin to prostitution. I will pay for your services for a fixed period of time (perhaps an hour? Is there a minimum time frame that it has fall into?) At least there has to be witnesses, so that lessens the complete ease of it. It seems more complicated than its worth, but as I have not lived there and walked in this culture, I feel loathe to truly condemn it. Not my cup of tea though. Informative 55 Mona.

Peter said...

So you only learned about this recently! Then, it's not surprising that I didn't know about it, but it's definitely shocking to learn about it. I imagine that it can definitely be misused. The Indian society (and its religions) continue to surprise!

jodi said...

Mona, I fear I could never live in your country. Too many rules!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch!! Can of worms indeed, my dear!
The things people do in the name of faith/tradition/religion/law can sometimes be overwhelming!
Getting carried away seems part of the game... no?
A serious 55, Mona!! Very tight!

G-Man said...

I can read your Blog!!!
Your subject matter is a bit controversial, but thanks for exposing this.
Your 55 was perfect!
Thanks for playing Mona, Sorry My PC was acting up!