Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Flash 55ve Fiction: (Semi) Beast Fable # 6

Wife : Hey! Why are you and riding that horse by sitting facing its tail!

Husband: Well you see, I am facing the right direction where I want to go. But this horse seems to be very adamant in going the wrong way!

Conclusion: Some people have an answer to every question even if they are wrong.


ivan said...

What follows is straight out of my perfervid imagination. There is no character named Vassily Bigotovich, but...

"My friend, Vassily Bigotovich, says, 'I agree with no man's opinion, because he is always wrong.'"

Monkey Man said...

Is this a know-it-all? Not a reference to our FFF55 host, just a comment.

G-Man said...

You don't come tell me that you have posted a 55 anymore?
Are you Mad at me?
Are you forgetful?
I'm Non-Plussed!
Was your 55 about me?
Mona...Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

ivan said...


Monique writes to tell me she is on hiatus with her radio play, MIDDLE DITCH and the other one she had on line.
I am sorry to hear that she seems stopped.
But durn, maybe there will yet be a crackerjack 55.

ivan said...

PS to G-Man,

This is really Mona's blog and her own really intriguing 55.

I must confess that lately I myself compose like I make love--badly.

But I will send you my own 55 today.

the walking man said...

Two thumbs for the truth and two more for the skill of the writing.

Erik Donald France said...

So true, so true.

Mona said...

hehehe guys! This happens when you post a 55ve sitting in a train facing opposite direction to which the train is going :D :D

That was really 'my bad' ;D

Mona said...

Monkey man, now that you say it, I realize what else it could have meant :/

G man, I told brain to leave a comment on my behalf as I was away, and he agreed to, but I guess he did me a HUGE favor by not allowing too many ppl to read this pathetic piece!


Ivan, I am leaving this post as it is, as a mark of reminder of being one of my many imperfections :D

Mona said...

Ivan, I never was a part of any 'play' so there is no question of initial, middle or final ditch. But even if I was, you can call it an intermission ;D

Brian Miller said...

i hope i dont ever become that man...