Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Why have I not been able to post recently.

Wow! I see that I haven't posted for long!

And I had this funny accident about a fortnight ago, where I walked into a shop , where the floor was so white that I did not see the stairs coming and I 'walked into air' and got hit with many objects in my way of falling , so that my knee fell apart , and my chest and right side of face hit some kind of platform, and my head hit some kind of machine before going into some kind of hollow under the machine.

Confused? Well, this is the best way I can explain the so said slide, and since I can't do better, you shall have to do the task of picturing it yourself !

And so there were these horrible abrasions on both my knees, and the right knee is swollen and immobile still ; and the next day of the accident ,when I sat down to chew on my breakfast, I discovered , to my horror,  that my jawline had been pushed to one side in such a manner, that my upper and the lower teeth lost their alignment so that the upper teeth were chewing my lower inner jawline on the right side , and my lower gums on the left side , and the same thing was happening with my upper gums too and the palate in the opposite direction.

While trying to chew, my jaw was rotating like a cow's, while it ruminates! ( I am not joking)

I was so alarmed, that forgetting the pain and all, I gave hard knocks with my fist to the lower left jawline , and kept hammering, till my jawline got aligned back, teeth and all ! So you can imagine how 'raw' I feel all over, still, and am popping in painkillers pills like jelly beans!

So you can imagine, how difficult thinking can be in such a condition, when you are sore all over.

And that is why there have been no posts.


Brian Miller said...

oh sorry scary too to never see it coming...prayers for health and healing...

jodi said...

Mona-Good grief girl, have you been to the doctor and the dentist? Getcher little butt in gear!

Monkey Man said...

Oh ouch. Jodi is so right...get thee to a doc. Here's hoping you heal well and soon.

G-Man said...

Come to Michigan.
I will cook soft and delicious things for you...((HUG))

the walking man said...

Yes that is a very good reason for not posting and i second what Galen said, and i promise you--he will do all of the cooking.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

My God, Monita! What the heck did you do to yourself? That sounds awful.

Much respect for fist-pumping your jaw back into alignment!

Heal quickly and feel better.

ivan said...


I was wondering what you meant when I put up some scrambled Picasso pics to make a point of my zapped madness in my blog.
Poor thing. You got zapped...And an apparent dislocated jaw.
I agree with everybody. Get the to a doctor. Can't have you in Picasso shapes.

lime said...

good heavens, mona! the jaw issue alone sounds terrible. so much more all the other injuries. rest up and feel better soon.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Mona, I hope you have a quick recovery. Get well so you can blog on!

Anonymous said...

That's horrible! I hope you heal quickly.

Mona said...

Thank you all for your concern and kind words!