Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wishful thinking...

There are times when I feel so lazy, so lethargic and ennui ridden, that I even find myself wishing that someone would go and pee om my behalf.

There are times, when I am literally nodding with sleepiness, but can't really go to sleep.

There are times ( and this is almost ever since I remember) when I am inevitably irritated by the sound of train engine whistling at a distance , specially during the night hours. This sound is something I detest intensely, for reasons unknown.

There are times when sunning myself I look at the eagles floating in the sky , and I feel that one of them is looking at movement of my eyes, and is preying on them and readying to pluck them out.

There are times, when in the middle of the night I feel like getting up and doing something 'right now' but I can't spell what it is..

There are times , when I imagine being run over by a truck, or spilling boiling hot tea on my lap.

There are times, when I wish to leave my mom's front door open, so that some thieves might creep in and steal most of the goods that she has coveted through years, so that the multiple layers of clutter get cleared , without anyone ( family) having to do the tedious time consuming task. In fact , I want to usher in thieves, or hire them if need be, to do this favor!

There are times, when I want some things in my mom's house to be destroyed in a bonfire so that they become irretrievable for ever.

There are times when I want to make some people disappear forever, without having to murder them.

There are times when I want to go in a Rip Van Winkle mode.

There are times when I want Indian law to start community service as a punishment, and then arrest all Indians on some pretext , and then make them clean and mend up all the roads and streets of the country

There are times when I want all Indian women's vagina sewed up for a decade, so that they would stop shitting out more kids.

There are times...


Brian Miller said...

wow. tell us how you really feel...smiles.

ivan said...

Incredible writing.

Maybe that's what the god wanted?

Suffer a bit so you can produce?

And how you did produce!

Shubhajit said...

Ha ha ha..really wishful thoughts. A few are I guess masochist psychological vomiting. I identify with these because I have had this similar type of thinking of late.

I like the Rip Van Winkle thought.

Hope you are well sister with full bliss and contentment.

Mona said...

The ones you feel are masochist Shubhajit, are actually panic attacks.

Brian, I feel angry.

the walking man said...

Mona i will volunteer to pee for you but you have to not mind me peeing in the dark outside.

Go ahead and be pissed off, I spend half my life pissed off and in total bliss. It's good to smoke a cigarette, be all angry and shit and slam some coffee down.

Mona Open up STINK and read the page that says DETROIT ATTITUDE.

I suggest you adopt some. "Fuck 'em."

jodi said...

Mona-gentle, sweet Mona. You seem to really be going thru something cuz this just doesn't sound like you. Hope you are okay, babe...

ivan said...

This is good writing! But dark.

Pardon my inhuman, "Service" sense of humour, but if you're ever down Calcutta way, I know this really cool restaurant down there, in a dip.

ivan said...

This is good writing! But dark.

Pardon my inhuman, "Service" sense of humour, but if you're ever down Calcutta way, I know this really cool restaurant down there, in a dip.

March 7, 2011 4:14 AM

NYD said...

Even if you go into hibernation and shed your still wake up to the same visage in the mirror.

Time to take a walk and talk to some new people

G-Man said...

Remind me to stay on your good side.

Peter said...

With all these "there are times", it's not surprising if you have some difficulties to get a good sleep. Anyhow, it's all the time a plaeasure to read your posts! :-)

lime said...

oh honey, there are times indeed. my list would...yikes...perhpas it's best not to consider my list.

but there are indeed times and i hope they become kinder to you.

snowelf said...

Mona, I know this is not funny, but I really chuckled at the thought of theives stealing your mother's items. I know too many in the same predicament.