Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Break Time News

Wow! May has never been so hot at this time of the year!

The television has been blaring hot news all through the day, while the ceiling fans have been spewing nothing less than fire. The temperature has soared to an exceptional 42 degrees Celsius ( 107.6 degrees F) . The electricity supply has been erratic throughout the days and nights and, as rivulets of perspiration try their level best to keep us cool , its not enough, and one could take a dive in barrels of lemonade ( India , denies most the luxury of swimming pools ; not counting the occasional dips taken in murky pond waters by the people, if you please) 

I have been taking evening classes, teaching Shakespeare from 7 to 9 pm. which is like baby food as compared to trying to comprehend and ingest Jacques Derrida on a hot summer night like this. Derrida's Deconstruction theory is driving me delusional for some while now, and so I decided to take a hike for a few moments before I put the author to death  !  Just so I wouldn't die before that instead : Ivan, Please note ;-)

So let me relate to you some interesting facts about our system that I learned a few days ago. 

One of my cousin's son ( Nephew) got a dentist degree recently and took up a job at a private hospital that boasts of 'good doctors attending to wealthy clients'. The hospital which pays an average salary is reputed to mint money in its own business running process.

The Nephew was not very happy, but he was with 'Chalo chalta hai , at least I am at a reputed place to begin from' attitude. The business of the hospital in the dental section was not doing well, and so the 'boss' summoned him and said : " No need to 'cure' them; just see to it that they are not in pain.Keep them revisiting. If you cure them, there will be no business anymore" !

As if this was not enough, a few days later, a female dentist was introduced as a new employee of the dental section.

" Keep her with you" the boss said , summoning him, " teach her all that you do here".

Soon, the Nephew realized that the girl hardly knew a thing. Still he wanted to take up the subject in a subtle manner to get to the bottom of it all. So he asked her , " Doctor, you must have trained at the medical institution where you studied. What is the need of my training you over here?"

To this the girl replied quite frankly thus:

" You see, my father is a well known politician and he got me a seat at the 'So and So' medical college. It is a college for the 'Who's Who's offsprings. We pay the fees, do not attend classes,yet get full attendance marked up in the registers, do not take exams,but get a degree. It is only after we get a degree, we get into places like this one and then we start learning as we get paid .

The Nephew resigned the very next day, and is now appearing for interviews for a job outside India!


Brian Miller said...

ugh. that is way scary...imagine the damage she could do...wealth buys...and the rest suffer...

jodi said...

Good grief Mona! My brother in law is a dentist and that story would horrify him. Talk about giving dentists a bad name!

ivan said...

Jesu Kristo!

the walking man said...

I suppose that's not much different than buying a degree from the internet except it takes longer.

Mona said...

Brian, It IS very scary out here. Humans are Guinea pigs here!

Jodi, True. I have never been to a dentist uptil now! Hope I never need to!


What are you saying Mark! You get them on Internet :O

Monkey Man said...

That's maddening.

Erik Donald France said...

I finally found a woman dentist with all mod cons -- she is ten times better than the ones I've gone to before, very high tech and kind.

That heat sounds awful!

Peter said...

Having read a number of your previous posts about how certain things work over there, I'm not really surprised! The great surprise is perhaps rather to see in your comments that you never been to a dentist! :-)

Mona said...

MM, I know..

Erik, It is terribly oppressive!

Peter, I guess its the kind of food that we eat,( the turmeric that we use has high medicinal properties and it is used in all food) plus the oral hygiene. I feel India makes the best herbal tooth pastes with neem oil.

ivan said...



As the defrocked head of the local college's department of creative writing, I wish you had been here in the Toronto area a few years ago; I had the power then to grant degrees.

But really, I am perusing one of my own bits of paper: It says MFA.

It didn't come from a diploma mill, but with my bad luck lately, it could as well have been Master of F/A. :)

Mona said...

Ivan, I was thinking about the apprenticeship they used to have in older times...

lime said...

that is shockingly disturbing!