Friday, May 6, 2011

Madame Don Quixote?

A quick recount of  weird dream I had :

I am driving a black Bentley which suddenly becomes a huge black stallion , and the steering wheel becomes the reins. Another rider on another horse comes beside me ( actually its just a 'voice' that I somehow know, belongs to another rider, although it is not clear whether it is a male or a female voice) . The voice tells me how and where to pull and turn the reigns on turns etc. It also tells me that I am the 'Black Knight' and soon I will be riding in the dark and that I should not be afraid when I reach darkness.

Sure enough, the straight road seems to enter into a dark tunnel , and although I expect to be afraid and close my eyes, the ride appears smooth, and so I venture to open my eyes; and I feel relieved to see a halo of light surrounding the base of the horses' feet ,where ever our path leads us. I also discover that my clothes have turned into an iron armour .

"Now be ready for the leap" the voice tells me; and sure enough we leap into pitch black dark space, and instead of going down, we begin to rise. Soon I realize that I can see silhouettes of dark shapes of countries becoming small , and then the horse's hoofs land upon the edge of a cloudy crunchy icy surface. We have almost made it to a semi solid ground of crushed ice!

The surface of this 'land' is covered with weirdly shaped buildings and there are people from all ages moving about silently doing their work. I 'park' my horse in a garden of ice , and start walking along a path with the 'voice' in tow. I look behind, to see the stallions has turned ten times larger and is walking around on its two hind legs ready to attack the inhabitants of the planet. But the sight does not frighten me. I walk back to the horse, I pet it and tell it to behave, and it demures.

Soon the voice tells me that we might face insurgents and be ready to defend ourselves , and someone hands me a wooden sword as my weapon . I ignore the voice and ask about the whereabouts of the 'foreign exchange' service. I am led to a place where they exchange my 'sword' with a bag of multicolored sweets. Sure enough, those sweets can buy me necessary items in this land, and I get some rain boots and a scarf in exchange.

The voice warns me not to get too close to the inhabitants as I might be harmed or infected . I ignore the voice and try to win over the trust of a few people ( one cobbler, one locksmith and some period people and children) by showing kindness and also by making them laugh. Soon there is laughter all around and the grim faces appear warmer.

The icy surface becomes snowy.

Then I see that the inhabitants have arranged a dance show for me, which show them moving like a huge lotus flower as they move. I enjoy my dance. Soon there is a commotion that the 'diplomats' are assembling for a meeting as their planet has intruders on it, and they need to get their defenses up. I also see my late father among these diplomats.

The voice pulls me away to hide in a building, which is made of glass on one side, and through which I can see a huge sprawling red soil planet with red sand buildings all across its surface. It seems deserted. I am about to enter a room, when I see this ancient Greek style dressed man standing on the door calling my name. Upon close look, it turns out to be my late husband. He is overjoyed to see me and expresses immense relief as he tells me that he had been searching for me far and wide. It turns out that he is the Prince of the Planet and then he takes me to meet his parents there... Fin

And I am wondering, if even the Helen of Troy faced such an adventure!


Brian Miller said...

wow you have some pretty interesting dreams...a wooden sword, a partially glass house...your the black knight...i wont even begin to try to analyze

Erik Donald France said...

That is way cool, not unlike the four horses of the apocalypse, among other things.

lime said...

that is really quite a dream. i don't often put much into trying to interpret them but this one seems ripe for such. :)

jodi said...

Mona, you will arrive on a steed to save your husband from his lonliness. Very beautiful..

ivan said...


There seems a strange synchronicity here.

Do you and I share the same dream at times?

Your dream is beautiful and touching. Mine is more rococo.

Here is a segment of a chapter of my novel, The Hat People.
It features a dreamer/fugitive named John.

He is forever driving a futuristic,
Italian car toward a border checkpoint point at Niagara Falls, Canada.
The outlandish car represents John, for he is a foreigner to Canada. The road, of course, is life.
The excerpt:

One morning he woke up screaming, with the same dream vivid and frightening still on his mind. It had for the past three days always started the same way: He was on a trip in the dream, the trip the result of taking and important, well-paying job. He didn't care who had hired him, only that he would be paid well. He didn't care that he had to carry on a James Bond activity of some sort, or that he may well have been representing an international organization that could well be planning to do in the world. Or even John himself. He was returning with a piece of something that the Hat People, the people who and sent him, wanted very badly. He drives up to a ramp, towards Niagara Falls, to a U.S. customs checkpoint. Suddenly the car's steering wheel feels funny in his hands. John is panicked to realize that the car he is driving is not the one he had started off with. Peering down over the hood, John notices that the car had attained a futuristic appearance like a Marinetti painting, like the works of the Italian painter by that name. For a moment, there is the image of a man in a hat.
Now the border guards will find him out for certain. They will find this discrepancy about the car, and the other things.
Stopped by the border guards, John shuffles through his wallet looking for papers, identification. Nothing seems out of place. The registration describes John's outlandish car in detail. All seems fine. Everything seems to match. The guard at first is about to let John through, but suddenly changes his mind. He becomes irritated, and asks John to pull the car over to the side, towards interrogation rooms. Here, John is asked about the life of an American, on John Conlan. John said he has never heard of a John Conlan. The official then explains who John Conlan was. Apparently a fugitive and a draft dodger. John is asked to repeat what he has just been told. Unable to do so, John is told that he will have to take National Guard training to refresh his memory. "You will train with the other 'kiddies'". "How did I get into this dream, John the dreamer asks himself. Or am I awake? Dream or not, he sees that all which is around him is real. He cannot escape the dream state. He takes basic training with the other kiddies. They seem marked. John knows that somehow they will die here, in this training compound, chained to their guns and sandbags. And he will die with them.

The dream was forty years ago.

Oddly it seemed a dream of the future.

The author had somehow descended, in real time, from a smart prof to an asshole. He did end up with the "kiddies" in the kiddie compound, actually a mental hospital.

If he'd only tried to analyze the dream. He had no idea it was a cautionary tale of his probable future.

Mona said...

Ivan, There are similarities I see :)

Now I am wondering if I am going to die in a car accident, and my soul be carried on a steed, and the 'voice' is the angels speaking :)